Google Pixel 3 Equipped with Flexibility Design

Google Pixel 3

Google Pixel 3 Flexibility Design

It seems at the time that the most popular Android phone is Samsung’s next month, the Galaxy Note 9, which is going to be a frequent rumor. But Galaxy Note 9 is not an Android phone that is waiting for people, the Google Pixel 3 series new phone is also coming to the end of September or October. And now it’s a glimpse. Which makes sense that the design of the Google Pixel Third (potential name) will be. Google Now Cheap Pixel

The Galaxy Note 9 ready to introduce the phone is with designs like last year’s Note 8, but the Pixel-Eye leak image shows that Google is now ready to change its smartphone.

 Google Pixel 3 Now Cheap Pixel

The user may think that Google will not copy the iPhone X, but the Pixel III series is going to happen. The pixel third XL image gizmo china has leaked and its design seems like a copy of the iPhone X. The above is a design design, but the bottom basses is quite significant. Well, pictures of pixel-trim prototype have already been shown, but this is the first time the commercial model’s picture has come down. Pictures of Google Pixel 3, this phone will likely be with Forward GB RM and 128 GB storage, however Front Front can have 2 cameras and a front speaker will be given there.

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But its back on the back is seen as a single camera while the fingerprint censor is on the back. It is likely to be a USB Type C Connector, while Headphones Jack has already finished this company. This phone may be available in different countries by the end of October.

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