New Future Shape Change Robot After Sophia Robot

New Future Shape Change Robot After Sophia Robot

New Future Shape Change Robot

After Saudi Arabia Sophia Robot Japanese specialists have developed a snake-shaped robot. The Shape Change Robot improves its shape during flight and leaves out of the spindle spaces .June’s Magazine‘s Tokyo JS Lab has prepared it and Experts have called “Dragons” .It looks like snakes in the house .It can fly evenly inside the house .That is why it is named as an eagle .It ‘s like a straight rope It is made that grows horizontally and reaches to its destination. Otherwise, it also shines in spindle and sprinkle structure.

According to experts, this is a new type of fly robot. Advanced mathematics have been used in its manufacture, because it requires effective instruction to change the shapes and that is why its software I have also made basic changes. There are several modules in a robot, in which each has a battery and a specific head kit, but the module of every module is that it has a disk fan that can turn in several directions.

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These all modules make the dragon fly fly. The eyelashes will say that in the next phase it will also put arm and left-arm shreds that will give the robot a new look. With this help the other robots It can also be used for tasks.

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